Altar of fire for Italy

I met Angelo and Maria worshipping and interceding on the Global Family 24/7 watch on a Monday at 18:00 UK time. They have faithfully been holding the altar of worship and intercession for almost three years now. In the last Year God has done something miraculous between us and has knitted our hearts to God’s heart for the Nation of Italy and Israel. I have seen them flourish and catch God’s vision for worship and intercession not only for Italy but also catch God’s purposes and plans for Israel and the end times! They were also given a “New Song” to Sing over Israel which is a blessing from the Lord may more be released in Yeshua’s name. I have been encouraged to see how the Lord has opened a way for them to be equipped and trained to be set apart at IHOP Kansas City. I pray that they would be for ever changed and transformed and that that the Holy Fire of ministering to the Lord 24/7 would catch the young Italian’s Spirit, Soul and Body for such a time as this. Lord we thank you that it is not by power or by might but BY YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, so I ask you to release the funds for this to happen for your glory In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Angela Marra - Intercessor (England)