Consecrated to God heart to heart united with Him👑

The Lord gave me the privilege of knowing a couple Maria and Angelo, a couple in love with each other, in a bond that springs from the love of “God the Father” and which they transmit and will continue to transmit in the hearts of many. God has called them to this: to join the earth and Heaven They will bring Heaven to earth through adoration and “prophetic” intercession Harp and Chalice as written in Revelation 5:8 I believe in them and in the call that God has placed in their hearts; may the breath of the Holy Spirit be upon them🔥so that he can infect everyone he will know on this journey with Him👑. Thanks to all their collaboration, my ministry also started with the Hop Casal Di Principe.

Thank you for everything from me and my whole team. I wish you so many blessings for this Heavenly purpose that is about to begin in your life. ❤️️❤️️🙌🙏🏻🔥

Rita Bidognetti - Director House of Prayer Casal di Principe (Italy)